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Sue Thirwall, the CEO of Boston-based MiniLuxe nail spa, wants to "Starbucks the nail salon." Here's how Fast Company describes her strategy:

By scaling the chain's signature space fitted with blonde wood, optic white surfaces, and candy-colored chairs, as well as its standards of sterilization and affordable prices, Thirlwall aims to elevate the hasty, daub-and-dry experience found at many a corner shop. That includes new level of individual attention, even for walk-ins, and hyper-vigilant hygiene. Customers can have a look-see into MiniLuxe's hospital-grade bacteria-banishing "Clean Lab" while specially designed jet-free tubs ensure foot-soaking water is never recirculated.

Would Thirwall's ideal national nail spa kingdom drive smaller salons out of business? Maybe not, since a 30-minute manicure at MiniLuxe costs $19 and only lasts three days, which isn't exactly affordable for most Americans. For that price plus a few extra bucks, you could get a combo manicure/pedicure for $22 total at the very clean salon down the block from my Manhattan apartment — or about 4.5 grande frappuccinos.

Meet The Woman Who Wants To Make MiniLuxe The "Starbucks Of Nail Salons" [Fast Company]


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Anyone else think this was going to be an article about a new trend in pedicures that involves caffeine infused foot soak and lotion?