One Song More: Les Miz Adds a Shiny New Musical Number

Les Miz purists beware: The folks behind the upcoming film adaptation of the musical have been fiddling around with your favorite story and have even gone as far as to add a brand new song. Sacrebleu!

Written by Broadway power duo Claude-Michel Schonberg (the original composer of Les Miserables) and Alain Boublil, the song "Suddenly" will be sung by Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman) following his — spoiler alert — adoption of Cosette. And why the add-on? Take it away, director Tom Hooper:

"When I read the novel of Les Miserables, I felt the one thing missing from the musical was the acknowledgement of how central falling in love with Little Cosette was to Jean Valjean and what it is like to become a father in an unexpected way."


What? How dare you mess with — wait, no. Storywise, that makes a lot of sense and the fact that "Suddenly" is written by the show's original composer shows a lot of promise. You can only hear clips of it in the above featurette, but so far it's sounding pretty good.

Only 15 more days until the movie, y'all!

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For those who have read the novel...

Is it worth it? I've never read it and this always seemed like a huge oversight on my part since I'm a huge book nerd. Did you enjoy reading it?