One Million Moms Deletes Homophobic Facebook Post After Most Comments Are Pro-Gay

Busybody organization One Million Moms, they of the failed anti-Ellen Degeneres JC Penney protests, the failed anti-gay moms in catalogs JC Penney protests, and failing anti-GAP Two Dudes Being Gay on a Billboard in LA protests, is predictably up in arms over the re-launch of the Green Lantern as a gay super hero. But when they posted a link to a news story on their Facebook wall along with a "Can you believe these sinning homos?" type comment, response wasn't what they expected; in fact, it was downright supportive. OMM removed the post in an attempt to scrub the evidence, but not before their blunder was forever preserved in .jpeg.

The eagle eyes over at The New Civil Rights Movement caught OMM's blunder in all its glorious, gleaming failure today and actually caught whoever manages the OMM Facebook page in the act of scrubbing pro-gay comments before giving up and deleting the whole post. Writes David Badash,

When I happened upon the posting, it seemed that there were more than 100 comments, but when I tried to access the post on it's individual page, it came up with an error message: "The page you requested was not found."

I went back to the main One Million Moms Facebook page, noticed there were now only 83 comments, clicked to access the post's individual page again, took a screen shot, but noticed there were only a few dozen comments.

I went back to the main One Million Moms Facebook page again, and noticed the post was gone.


Even though One Million Moms interrupted the fun before it could get really embarrassing, he did get a screengrab. And here it is:

Click to enlarge

The good guys are winning! And they didn't even need the Green Lantern's help.

[New Civil Rights Movement]


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