One Million Moms Clutches Pearls About Skittles Ad’s Bestiality Overtones

One Million Moms, the organization that failed to dislodge Ellen from JCPenny, that got very flustered about a Sapphic kiss in the Urban Outfitters catalogue, and that would prefer if no one watched Ryan Murphy's new sitcom The New Normal, is now tardily expressing outrage about a creepy Skittles ad that features a woman tongue-kissing her roommate's walrus boyfriend. Que scandal!


The group accuses Skittles marketing witches and warlocks of "taking lightly the act of bestiality," and asks the question we probably should have been asking ourselves all along: "Does Skittles have our children's best interests in mind?" Since Skittles makes a cavity-inducing candy with little to no nutritional value, I think we can go ahead and say that, no, Skittles doesn't really care about the little children, amorous walruses or no amorous walruses, but apparently it's just fine with One Million Moms if kids gobble candy so long as they can do it without any innuendo.


via Buzzfeed

Disgusting Skittles Ad [One Million Moms]

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Can't tell if One Million Moms is serious... or really committed performance artists...