One Middle School Makes the Brave Decision to Ban Uggs

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Starting tomorrow, students at Pottstown Middle School in Pennsylvania won't be allowed to come to school wearing their Uggs (or any fuzzy, open-top boots, for that matter). No, the boots have not been banned because they cause sluttiness, and it's not by order of the fashion police either. The school has forbidden them because they're a popular place for students to hide their phones, which they're not supposed to have in class.

Either way, you can rest assured that the kids' feet will not go cold. They can still wear lace-up boots with a snugger fit. But should they choose to exercise their first amendment right to wear Ugg-ly shoes, they will get detention. No doubt this ban will only spur the children to find a new, sneakier hiding place for their phones. Maybe they'll get really crafty and discover what pockets are used for—or, better yet, their backpacks.


School bans fuzzy boots used to hide cell phones [Reuters]

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Ugg style boots are banned at the gym daycare. I guess they don't offer enough protection against dropped toys? Who knows. That is fine with me. School? That seems extreme and difficult to enforce. Better to just punish those who bring their phones.