As the most self-hating people we know, we couldn't agree more with Suze Orman: the woman who doesn't take care of her money doesn't truly love herself. But just like we're hoping maybe 2K7 will be the year we learn for once to get rid of exess body mass, we're hoping at least to gain in wallet mass. And sort of like anorexics survive by learning how to bake elaborate 27-ingredient souffles for other people, we're hoping we can fend off shopping addiction by feeding off the habits of others - investing in the ladystocks! In future weeks we may take out some payday loans to start an actual portfolio, but for now we're hoping to hone our skills by keeping you abreast of the exploits of publicly traded companies whose businesses we actually, you know, understand.

Talbot's and Chico's are both reporting really sucky earnings, probably because Ann Taylor keeps ripping off all the whole "plus-size chic for medium-sized women" thing, but Saks finally turned a profit again; maybe we'll stop in. [WSJ]

On the heels (hah!) of its opening of a Fifth Ave. store, Payless ShoeSource is having Patricia Field design a line. PSS stock pretty damn near a 52-week high. [WWD]

Jennifer Hudson to shill for Avon, which is in the midst of some big restructuring. [CNNMoney]


Global warming what? It's been a ridiculously good year for the maker of ridiculous Uggs, Decker Outdoor, but Motley Fool thinks Steve Madden is a better buy. So do we - for our feet anyway. [Motley Fool]

Valentine's Day spending apparently hit some sort of record this year, probably to make up for all the birthdays crap boyfriends missed last year. [MarketWatch]