One-Eyed, Four-Toothed Cat with FIV Is the Internet's Newest Celeb

His name is Zeb and he's here to change your life. Move over Grumpy Cat, your time is over.

Many of us wish that our cats could be internet celebrities, like Uproxx's Stacey Ritzen who sent me a tip this morning saying "My sister adopted a cat three days ago and it's already an internet celebrity. WTF." Unfortunately, while all cats are wonderful, many cats just don't have Zeb's star power or charisma, which come through in every photo he takes. Let me put it this way — if Zeb were a human, he would be an old man waving his metal cane around and demanding kids get off his lawn. And that's adorable. Even more adorable than cats who use iPads or refuse to let you use the keyboard.


Zeb, who already had a bit of a following online before being adopted by Beth Flor from City of Elderly Love (COEL): Save a Senior Pet is getting even more recognition now that he's found a forever home and a place to hang his old man hat.

Check out this description of him:

"Old-as-dirt, missing an eye, only has 4 teeth, and isFIV+? He's perfect! This majestic old man had our foster parents fighting over who got to bring him home. He'll be joining us from a Philadelphia-area animal shelter within the next couple days!"


Uh, who wouldn't want to adopt that cat? According to the shelter, foster parents and adopters were fighting over who would bring Zeb home. Luckily, now that he's there we're going to get more photos and videos of him than you can shake a grouchy stick at.

Here's his Facebook page. Check it out if you've got nothing to do this Christmas Eve except drink wine, light candles and figure out how to make your own pet a celebrity. Which is what I'll be doing because have you guys seen my guinea pigs? Look at Andy just side-eyeing this whole business:


And now look at him posing:


When will all our pets get book deals?

Images via Facebook

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