One-Armed Pole Dancer Wins World Title of Pole Dancing

Odds are that Thursday's International Pole Championship in Hong Kong passed just under your radar, but never you worry — the internet is here to provide you with all the pertinent pole-dancing information so you don't get caught at the water cooler on Monday humiliatingly ignorant about the most compelling pole-dancing story lines. One such story line centered on Deborah Roach, the one-armed Australian winner of the disabled division who said that a circus-themed double act she saw in 2006 inspired her to take up pole dancing and acrobatics. In 2009, she won a general pole competition, which allowed her to quit her IT job, get her first prosthesis, and learn how to ride a bike at 28-years-old. She hopes to one day represent Australia at the Paralympics.


One-armed pole dancer takes world title [Telegraph]

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Why couldn't she compete in the "non-disabled" division. She doesn't look disabled to me.

I bet she's insanely strong.