Once More, With Feeling: Ladymags Generate Anxiety Over "Orgasm Faces"

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If you look closely, you'll see that there is a cover line on the new (December) issue of Cosmopolitan which reads: "Your Orgasm Face: What He's Thinking When He Sees It." Yeah, that's right: orgasm face. It's Cosmo's way of saying Happy Holidays! Actually, this is not the first time these words have appeared on the cover of a popular ladymag; back in April 2000, Glamour magazine ran a story called What Men Think About When They See Your Orgasm Face. It would be sorta funny if it weren't so revolting, insipid and infuriating.Unfortunately, we're having trouble tracking down the cover of the April 2000 issue of Glamour (any leads? email me.) But our own Anna was employed at Glamour in 2000, and she says: "The rumor around the office was that the magazine was getting letters of complaint." Apparently kids in supermarket checkout lines were all, "Mommy, what's an orgasm face?" But the worst part of this whole thing, of course, is the manufactured insecurity this kind of story is designed to instill. It's not enough that you have to worry about your pores, your body hair and your weight: Now you need to think about what you look like while in the throes of ecstasy. Because at the very moment when you're about to shudder from paroxysms of delight, your man is judging you. Didn't you know? And really, who cares how you're feeling in bed. What is he thinking? That's ladymag gold. Jessica Simpson Gives Us the Usual Fare For Cosmo [PopSugar] Glossy Garbage [American Family Association] What Do You Think When You See Her Orgasm Face? [FAQs]


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My seventeen-year old son said:

"He's not thinking about anything. All his brains are down in his crotch right about then"