On last night's Real Time With Bill Maher, Maher decided to compare and contrast the mash notes sent by Gov. Mark Sanford to his mistress with texts sent by former Congressman Mark Foley to male Congressional pages. Clip at left.

Maher was off for a few weeks, so he's a bit late on this, but it's funny enough that we thought we'd show a clip. His panelists, Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos, Anna Deavere Smith, Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer, and Jason Alexander, seemed to agree, erupting in giggles as Maher read the quotes. Both sets of missives had a touch of funny/sad to them, and both are perhaps reminders that all it takes is an electronic note to ruin a reputation, expose a fraud, and provide comedians with jokes for years to come. (Also: that, just in case, one should probably instantly delete love letters from elected officials named Mark.)