On the Anniversary of Her Death, Anna Nicole Smith Is Still Around

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Perhaps Anna Nicole Smith's legacy is that she somehow managed to establish any kind of legacy at all. She plowed her way onto our pop cultural landscape in 1992, took up permanent residency, amazingly remained relevant for the next 15 years, and died of a drug overdose in 2007. As a young single mother working at a fried chicken joint in Mexia, Texas, she was one of countless wannabe models who dreamed of being "the next Marilyn Monroe." Only she's actually come pretty close, whether we want to admit it or not, thanks to the internet.

Like The Cheesecake Factory, Anna Nicole typified modern Americana: Delicious excess. Everything about her—from her boobs to her hair to her spending habits to her lawsuits to her appetite for drugs and food—was big. Despite marrying a billionaire, her sketchy reality show and B-movie "career" ensured that she remained solidly low-budget. No amount of money could mop up the sloppy fun she sloshed around.

It's difficult to reminisce about Anna Nicole without recalling all those moments that she probably wanted to forget (and was probably too wasted to remember anyway). But whether we laughed with her or at her, we were always laughing (or I was, anyhow). In that way, she was a true entertainer. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death. Will Anna Nicole be remembered for as many years to come? Thanks to the ever-growing world of online video, it's possible.


For someone who was always depreciated in her lifetime as simply being a flash-in-the-pan, her fire still burns bright—thanks to YouTube. So let's take a stagger down memory lane and look at five of her more endearing moments, in her own words.

Anna Nicole Smith's Greatest Accomplishment(s) in Life
"My greatest accomplishment was first of all, having my son. And I did have him on purpose. My husband doesn't know this but I flushed my pills down the toilet. And my second greatest accomplishment is having a inner soul."

Her Thoughts on Roberto Benigni
"The Italy guy! I love him! That's my passion. This guy, this guy from Italy…When I act like that people think I'm drunk. They think I'm drunk! Oh, I love him just for showin' his 'Hey!' and not givin' a crap about anything."


On Why She Checked Herself Into the Betty Ford Center
"I couldn't walk…because of the coma."


On Her Body
"Wait, wait. I'm not fat, I'm just…[laughter]."

On Regis Philbin
"He's sexy. He's a sexy man. He's just a sexy man. You know me…anything goes! Anything goes with Anna Nicole!"



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hercules q. einstein

Poor Anna, surrounded by users and exploiters. I always felt for her. I had to come here to give kudos to the father of her daughter - so many people thought he was going to exploit her for money and he has done the exact opposite. I hope they are having a happy, normal life.