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On Saturday Night Live Larry David Feels the Bern and Zoolander Gets Political

On the same night that the Republican debate gave us the Marco Roboto, the meme we’ve all been waiting for, Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David returned to Saturday Night Live to revisit his uncanny Bernie Sanders impression.


In “Bern Your Enthusiasm,” a pre-recorded mashup of David’s HBO persona and grumpy Bernie Sanders, was the best sketch of the night. David’s Sanders is likely the best political impression since Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin—impressions that both work because of physical resemblance and the spot-on focus on the “quirky” personality tics of both Palin and Sanders. “Bern Your Enthusiasm,” recasts Sanders’ Iowa loss in a very Curb way: a germophobic and grating Sanders/David loses the state by being, well, himself.

Bernie Sanders himself did the obligatory SNL appearance in “Steam Ship.” In the sketch, David plays a wealthy man trying to force his way on a lifeboat. Sanders plays Bernie Sanderswitsky (“We’re going to change it to sound less Jewish,” he quips) a man forever battling against the one percent.

And finally, for those of you excited about the Zoolander sequel, Derek and Hansel offered up some political insight on Weekend Update.

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I think my love for grumpy old liberal men is surpassed only by my hatred of grumpy old conservative men.