On Jemima And Imran, And Other Famous Exes We Think Still Occasionally Bone

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Jemima Khan, the British socialite who does it with Hugh Grant and used to be married to hot cricket player turned Pakistani politician Imran Khan, showed up to protest Pervez Musharraf's declaration of emergency rule yesterday. "I never usually talk to press, but I am talking to press just to keep the focus on what Musharraf is doing in Pakistan," she said. "I want to keep up the pressure and highlight that the people affected by this are from all walks of life. It is teachers, lawyers, students, journalists - these people have been targeted while known terrorists are on the loose and have not been put on trial despite Musharraf's words." Now, okay, speaking of terrorists, just over the summer members of the party Imran founded used England's knighthood of Salman Rushdie as a chance to take to the streets and praise Osama Bin Laden, so the politics of all this is really tricky. But speaking of Padma's ex-husband, I just want to use this space right now as an appreciation for the Big Ex-Ship.Jennie Lewis and Blake Sennett of Rilo Kiley.


Did you read that story? FASCINATION STREET. Also: Taye Diggs and Audra McDonald on last night's Private Practice. (Jennie's reference.) The Big Ex is the person for whom you'd fly to Haiti at a moment's notice, the person you'd lend your credit card and your couch and the contents of your brain, if it's necessary. You never talk shit on the Big Ex. You are a much better person to the Big Ex than you are your boyfriend, and you are a much better person to the Big Ex now than you were before you were "former." Now, it's not usually entirely that simple/selfless, and I have no idea what the fuck is going on with Jemima and Imran, but here's to hoping she flies to Lahore for some reunion sex when he gets released from wherever they're holding him.

And, oh yeah, that he's released from wherever they're holding him.

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Jenna Sauers

@charlotte corday: Some of them are terrorists, though.

The fact that publishers and translators were seriously injured or killed, bookstores were firebombed in Berkeley and across England, an alt weekly that editorialised in support of Rushdie was firebombed, riots in India and Pakistan killed dozens, 20,000 British Muslims turned up to a public book-burning, 37 Turkish writers died when their conference was taken hostage and they refused to hand over the Turkish translator, two floors of a London hotel were destroyed by a suicide bomber, Salman Rushdie had to live under police protection for a decade, and God knows what else, all in the name of wiping The Satanic Verses off the face of the planet, makes me deeply suspicious of anyone who makes anti-Rushdie comments.

Whether they personally would shoot him dead or bomb a building is kind of beside the point — they are implicitly referencing a cause that has killed dozens around the world for daring to be associated with a book. And they are siding with the killers.