OMG, What Is That Fork For?

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Between social-networking sites, texting and instant messaging, teenagers these days may be tech-savvy but socially inept. So some UK high-schoolers are taking etiquette classes, the Telegraph reports. The teens learn a proper handshake, table manners and dressing for one's skin tone. The interesting part? While you may think of the Brits as well-versed in propriety and originators of the "stiff upper lip," the training course, called Ready4Life, was created by an American. (Not to worry! The table manners are taught by a head butler from an upscale hotel.)


In any case, a select few from the younger generation are learning that while it may be cool to have an amazing MySpace profile or be a brilliant on IM, you need to make a good impression at a business dinner as well. The article mentions an L.A. program called Petite Protocol, but wouldn't it be a good idea to add this kind of stuff to the core curriculum all over this country — especially in Hollywood?
How Do You Get Today's Teenager To Smile? [Telegraph]

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@theformerjunebronson: a) Please someone tell me how to hyperlink my a)

b) Yeah, but Miss Manners always gives those fools a nice upside head smack. I just think that it's far too easy for people to perpetuate the idea of bad manners as being egalitarian.

@petitegal: We live in a country with western European basic structure. Our system of government came out of western europe. I'm all for speaking Spanish, etc., and there's no reason not to treat people how manners work in other cultures, but I think it's OK to have an etiquette system for your culture. It doesn't make it exclusionary. If Japanese people bow when we go to Japan (and I don't know, I've never been), shouldn't they shake hands here?