Second impressions: Britney might be actually thin, but my TV hates women. TMZ's too: their headline is "The Fat Lady Has Sung." LOL! 50 Cent's reaction shot is the show's crowning moment. Watch it here. She looks roofied, and the backup dancer who's so enthusiastically groping and freakdancing her is clearly on MDMA. Kanye IS the son of God.

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Way back when I did the cheerleading/dancing thing, we would sometimes run through parts of a routine at 50% energy level - just go through the motions with the music playing till we got to a part we really needed to work on. That is how the entire performance looked to me - a friggin practice run. I watched the clip with the music off, and yeah, she was totally counting her steps and trying to keep up. They even fucked up one of the stunts, where I think they were supposed to lift her up into the air. Eeeks!

Also, her body does look good (I am sure she has not eaten in days and just got off a master cleanse because its much better than she's been looking in the tabloids) but seriously, she's a mother now. WTF??!! I mean even Madonna has tried to class up the "sexiness" since having kids.

Also, 50 Cents - priceless. Rihanna and Eve laughing - probably what everyone else was trying not to get caught doing on camera.

Oh well, Britney, it was fun while it lasted!