So remember how some of the Jezebel staff attended a Tyra taping about a month ago? It's finally airing on Monday. Called "What's Up Down There," the entire show is a progressive discussion about vaginas — or rather, that's what TyTy told us it would be. But you know how she do — it was more like "Vaginas for Beginners." For instance, she had on some sort of vagina expert who explained all the different lady parts by using a stuffed toy vagina that was very furry, if you catch our drift. Then in a taped segment that was shown to us, Tyra accompanied a 28-year-old woman — afraid of doctors and her own vadge — on her first visit to the gynecologist. Tyra talked to her while she had her feet up in the stirrups, as a way to make the situation less scary and intimidating — all while the camera crew was in there. Anyway, the weird thing is that in this promo spot for Monday's show, she's wearing two different outfits, and neither of them are what she had on during our taping. She better not have retaped this shit!

Oh, and one of the best things about this promo spot is that she's like really touting that "Four Prong Attack of the Cramp." She totally just said that off the cuff toward the end of the show, and when she was finished talking about it, she forgot how many steps were involved. And trust us, none of it is stuff you didn't already know.


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