OMG! Spencer Pratt Rapping On Heidi Montag's Single! WTF? ROTFL!

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OK, we're totally peeing our pants (or more accurately, the muumuus we blog in) from laughing so hard at Heidi Montag's song Body Language." It's pretty much exactly what we expected to hear from The Hills star when we first learned she had her sights set on a singing career: A played-out '80s sample, computerized vocals, shitty hook, etc. But, holy shit, we did not expect to hear Spencer Pratt rapping on the track! It's awesomely bad in every way. Produced by Grammy Award winning producer/composer David Foster (who also happens to be Brody Jenner's stepdad), the song, which samples Yaz's "Situation," was played on Ryan Seacrest's radio show this morning. Even Seacrest made fun of Pratt. Spencer, dear, that's when you know you suck. Apparently, the song that was leaked is not an official single. Heidi claims that they were just fooling around in the studio and Spencer's rap was just a joke. Well, it certainly made us laugh. After the jump, check out Heidi's "Body Language."

Heidi Montag tries to sing, Spencer Pratt tries to rap. Ladies, we give you: "Body Language."

So You Think You Can Sing [ONTD]

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Oy.... I guess I shouldn't be surprised, given the pop music landscape of the past decade, but why do all these pseudo-celebs think that music is just something they can dabble in? Maybe I've been listening to too much indie/oldies, but I can't believe all these dilettantes actually get recording contracts. Isn't music something you should have a passion for in order to pursue that career? The stupid pop songs that are actually good are done by people whose main jobs are as singers/musicians. "Umbrella" isn't great art, but it's a good song, and, other than endorsements (and designing umbrellas, WTF?), Rihanna is primarily a performer. Even Britney Spears back in the day was pretty much just a singer. Although, I guess if Heidi and Spencer (why are they famous again?) actually had to work for musical success, playing dingy clubs and sleeping in their cars, they probably wouldn't be interested in the first place.