Screenshot via Chewing Gum, Netflix

It’s good to remember things. Today let’s all remind ourselves (or, if you’re unlucky, learn for the first time) of something that’s somewhat to moderately important: your pillows, the ones on your bed, yeah, you need to wash those.

If you didn’t already know this, don’t feel too bad—just means you’re a disgusting person who has been sleeping on a buildup of dust mites and sweat and probably crumbs from that time you ate popcorn in bed like a FOOL.

As it turns out, the pillows themselves don’t somehow remain clean simply because they’re wrapped in pillow cases. But don’t tell Jezebel features editor Joanna Rothkopf.

Yes, Joanna. You do.

But the young Rothkopf wasn’t the only Jezebel staffer who realized herself to be an abject barbarian who lays her head atop a pile of filth every night. The conversation arose when I shared with group that I only learned this lifeskill a few months ago.

Jolie Kerr, who I’m sure is deeply embarrassed by all of us, shared this knowledge a few years ago because all she wants to do is save us from ourselves.

So let this be a reminder. Go wash your pillows. Sure, lugging them to the laundromat is a pain. You might have to go buy tennis balls to toss in the dryer like I did because I don’t know, the instructions I found online told me to. Perhaps this is all news to you, in which case, you are gross. The upside, however, is you’re probably no grosser than two brave women who manage this here blog.