OMG, dramz! If you've seen the preview of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion episode, then you know that Kim and Lisa get into it over some lies that Kim has told. Well, apparently, Kim has taken out a restraining order on Lisa after Lisa left a "threatening" hilarious voicemail for Kim. You can listen to it here. [TMZ]

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If that man is a lawyer, I will eat my hat.

And the gist is that idiot Kim played a pretty non-threatening voice message from Lise that basically said "you really need to talk to me" and suggested that Lisa would come to her house if Kim didn't call back. There was no death threat and she sounded mad but in control.

Then Huckleberry Hound the "lawyer" made some vague statements about pursuing legal action against Lisa. He comes across as a porn-movie version of a lawyer. She's obviously lapping it up.