OMFG There's A New Girl Scout Cookie!

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Girl Scout Cookie season is nearly upon us, and this year there's a new cookie being introduced to celebrate the organization's 100th anniversary: Savannah Smiles. The "cool and crisp lemon wedge cookie" is named for Girl Scout Founder Juliette Gordon Low's home town. The flavor doesn't sound all that exciting, but the Girl Scouts have yet to lead us astray.


The Day of Contentious Conviviality

Except here in NE Ohio, where the Girl Scouts most definitely DID lead us astray. Our council (so, really, not the girls themselves) is selling off every camp except three, which will now be expected to serve girls in half of the state. It was difficult to get a campsite with ten camps. With three it will be damn near impossible, not to mention most troops can't afford the time or money required to drive eight hours round trip for a one or two night stay. The primary reason girls sell cookies is to earn enough money to camp. Even then, as someone downthread pointed out, they make only pennies per box, and the rest of the money goes to pay the for council's overhead. Our board members, who are elected to be delegates for their membership-the girls-have spent months listening to impassioned pleas, protests, and offers of alternative plans. Then they have moved forward with plans to sell anyway-AGAINST A MAJORITY VOTE OF THE MEMBERSHIP! They have repeatedly lied about the costs of maintaining the camps, the repairs needed, and have offered only vague plans of what they will do with the millions they stand to make by selling our land. To boot, they made a whopping profit last year (off of little girls standing outside grocery stores shilling cookies in sub-zero weather) and are totally in the black. The only thing left to do is to raise enough money in the next month to take them to court.

I was a G.S. for many years of my childhood and have been a lifelong supporter, but I'll be damned if I will ever buy another cookie as long as I live in this part of the country if they sell that beautiful unspoiled land that is the only place some of these girls ever get to go outside and feel safe. Sorry for the rant-my blood just boils now whenever I see any sign of Girls Scout cookies.