OMFG, Puppy Bouquets!

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Sorry, Edible Arrangements — you are no longer the desired gift-by-delivery of choice. It's not your fault, though. Nobody can compete with flowers that look like puppies.


First spotted by Hez and researched further by others, we're sorry to report that the flower-puppy phenomenon hasn't really caught on in the USA as of yet. (Except for this one, which is bound to sell out due to extreme cuteness.) But its stateside invasion is inevitable, if the internet has anything to say about it.

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I see what this is. Florists are colluding with my mother to make me feel even worse about accidentally killing all my plants. Well, fuck you, florists - I don't need your tragic, wilting puppy flowers staring up at me with their sad little floral eyes to make me feel terrible. I already feel terrible.