Olive Garden Will Pay for Your Kids' Babysitter (But Just This Once)

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If you're desperate for unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks but your babysitter just bailed, good news! Olive Garden is running a "Parents Night Out" promotion, where they will supply diners with a babysitter.


Unfortunately, the offer is for February 7 only, and they are not offering to slip Susie from next door a twenty. Instead, AdWeek reports, Olive Garden will be partnering with MyGym, a chain of children's fitness centers, for free babysitting. (It's like a Discovery Zone crossed with a New York Sports Club, as far as I can tell.) There's been a bit of griping about promo's limitations on the company's Facebook page, which just goes to show how many parents would like to enjoy a couple hours of carbo-loading in peace.

Beats letting them run laps around the Cracker Barrel store until you're done with dessert!


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Ya know? I was going to get all snarky and snobby about the terribleness of Olive Garden and say something about how I'd rather just stay home, etc. etc. But if this provides parents who don't usually get any time alone with an affordable date night (especially since they otherwise might not have it) then that's nice! Good promotion.