Kendra Wilkinson's love for the Olive Garden and role as a "rogue brand ambassador" (not to mention promoting the company's employees in Playboy) isn't appreciated by the family-friendly restaurant who view her endorsement as a "complicated issue." • The Girls Gone Wild crew member who was arrested for sexually assaulting a girl in Long Island has been released from jail because no indictment was filed. He still faces charges for the assault. • An Australian woman got revenge on her cheating husband by selling pictures of his lover's underpants and an empty condom wrapper on eBay. •• A loyal dog stood by her owner's side for 6 weeks after her owner had committed suicide in the Colorado plains. • Sandy Allen, one of the world's tallest women (7'7") died today at the age of 53. • Obvious studies alert: A new study has found that the more intimacy decreases in a relationship, the higher relational uncertainty (or lack of confidence in a relationship) increases. • Religious authorities in Nepal have begun a search for a new young girl to be the "living goddess" of Kumari, a virgin goddess. The young girl will serve until she starts menstruating, after which she will be forced to retire. • A study analyzing a Weakest Link-type game show in the Netherlands found that contestants would often favor attractive players over more intelligent players. • A survey from Olay (surprise) has found that women begin to worry about looking older when they hit the age of 28. • Last year Australian men spent $44.2 million on male cosmetics. That's a lot of guyliner! • According to a study of young people in 10 different countries (including the United States, Australia, China, and Japan) young men and women are divided about issues of sharing housework and a woman's right to choose, although the Chinese people surveyed were the most in favor of letting a woman choose to have an abortion. Not really a surprise there. • Oh raspberries: The National Zoo's female Giant Panda, Mei Xiang, is not pregnant after her second consecutive artificial insemination. No baby pandas this year! • A new study finds that "beer goggles" are real! • This little kitty really wants to bring you some flowers. •