Of course, we don't look to Hustler to find penetrating social insight, so it's not as though reading this article in praise of "chubby girls" from a 1962 issue of Mood is a shocker. That said, even by the standards of archaic lad mags, the dissertation on the charms of "chubettes" are appalling. A few of their charms: "They cost less to feed than slim girls because they go in heavy for bread and mashed potatoes and show a marked preference for beer... they don't expect to be taken out to fancy places. The back seat of a car and a pile of sandwiches will do nicely, especially if both the sandwiches and the back seat are big. This makes it much easier to date a fat girl, and what's more, to make the date pay off." Oh yeah, and the "chubby" girl pictured? She's like, 115, tops. [Eros Blog, NSFW]

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