No one tells me about this stuff, but Choire Sicha (oldies but besties!) is writing a column for Wonkette now apparently, and today he gives us a viewing tour of propaganda posters from bygone lefty causes. This one is about Angela Davis, who is a professor at U.C. Santa Cruz, where a certain Jezebel's ex-boyfriend once filled his head with wild notions about how awesome communism and they have whole departments for studies like "History of Consciousness," which she chairs. (I mean, sure, growing up in land reform-era Cuba is probably better than growing up in Jim Crow-era Birmingham, but people as crazy as Angela Davis are totally going to do time in the prison industrial complex either way, as greater intellects even than me have pointed out.) But anyway, go click, there's lots more old timey radical graphic design fun where this came from. [Wonkette]