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Oldies But Goodies

Illustration for article titled Oldies But Goodies

"After five, it's Climax and Nyesta...a hint of yes," reads this 1976 ad for slinky dresses. Heh, climax. Check out the way those ladies are eyeing that waiter. Someone's ordering the "catch of the day." (Click to see larger.) [Via '70s Fashion By Taschen]


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My senior prom dress was an electric blue spaghetti strap tie at the shoulder floor length Climax, in some kind of slinky fabric like Quiana. I loved that dress. My mom pouted the whole time after I got it cause she wanted me to get one of those Gunnesax/Young Edwardian things that make you look like Laura Ingalls. But I was all about the slinky.

Have I dated myself enough for y'all?