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Oldest Facebooker Took Time Off From ‘Looking for a Good Book to Read’ to Meet Mark Zuckerberg

Illustration for article titled Oldest Facebooker Took Time Off From ‘Looking for a Good Book to Read’ to Meet Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook isn't just for the young punks anymore — it's perfect for old people who, cast away from their families (because Americans don't value all the awesome stories their seniors have to tell about bygone times on the frontier), want to make new internet friends. The fastest-growing user demographic, according to Mashable, is women over the age of 55, but none of these older women are more venerable than 101-year-old Florence Detlor, resident of Menlo Park (and Facebook neighbor) and part of Occidental College's Class of 1936.


Detlor is the the social media site's oldest user, a distinction Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg acknowledged with an adorable photo when Detlor visited Facebook headquarters on Monday. Thus far, the soon-to-be-MOMA-triptych has garnered 5,000 Likes, as well as comments from hyper-competitive people claiming to have 102- and 103-year-old grandparents on Facebook. Detlor, however, doesn't seem to pay all the wannabes any mind because she's too busy "looking for a good book to read" (status update) to worry about the other centenarians who want to meet Jesse Eisenberg in person.

Meet Facebook's Oldest User [Mashable]

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EisenBolan, SJW

Ok Doug that really was an awful comment about seniors and the frontier. This woman graduated in 1936 meaning she lived through the time before the Depression and during it. Growing up my grandmother always talked about the time of the depression along with her friends. One thing they had in common was an absolute distrust of the banks. I remember dismissing it with all their safeguards put in place. Well in 2008 who was correct about the banks? Yup my grandmother.

Also seniors today are often very healthy, active and vibrant folk. I know some who are email addicts and a couple on facebook. Also a love of cellphones. Also I find with todays seniors a true belief in the concept "you are as young as you feel" even when not in perfect health although athritis doesn't seem to deter them.

So your frontier comment I find kind of offensive. Today seniors (65 to early 70s) would have grown up watching Dick Clark and part of Vietnam generation. Not on frontier chopping wood or whatever you were implying. I am listing that age range since I am most familiar with that age group now.

Color me not surprised seniors even 100ish are on Facebook.