Old Spice's Latest: Not The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

You be the judge. Talking bicep muscles and abdominals and lots of yelling don't quite match the charms of Isaiah Mustafa.


The brand has been walking a fine line between mocking the gender stereotypes in grooming ads and merely exaggerating them for laughs. (I would argue that the latter is subtly different, implying an actual critique.)


This commercial features a bodybuilder who yells a lot — because he's fighting odor. Somehow I can't see this garnering the same spontaneous following and cultural currency as "I'm On A Horse." Or am I alone in being immune to the charms of a bellowing abdominal, however highly sculpted?

Big, Muscly Dude Blocks Odor With Old Spice [Adfreak]

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It's completely absurd. So is professional body building. It plays on steroid rage stereotypes and suggest that even those guys use Old Spice. Doesn't beat "I'm on a Horse" but it could certainly be worse and less funny.