Old Spice Wants Ladies to Fall in Love With a Weird, Broken Robot

Old Spice, the body wash of choice for 20-something males with one or more roommates, is rolling out a new series of advertisements featuring a bizarre, malfunctioning robot that women find irresistible.


It seems that our standards have been lowered to the point where as long as something is man-looking and smells good, we will swoon.

As Ad Week points out these spots follow a similar vein to that of Old Spice competitor, Axe.

By positioning its products as deus-ex-machina sex potions that women simply can't resist, Old Spice comes off smelling quite a bit like competitor Axe, which has actually been moving away from these kinds of tropes in favor of more cinematic fare.


This is cause for concern because there are few things worse than an Axe commercial. Perhaps second only to a man actually wearing Axe body spray.

The below video features the jaunty description: "Face or no face, women love a guy who smells like a real man all over his body, even if he's not a real man and no longer has a face."

You hear that, ladies? This is what you love.

I will never not be amazed at how easily men are pandered to with the promise of female attention—as if that's the only reason to care about person hygiene. Make sure you practice good grooming habits, dudes! Not for your own self-esteem and self-care, but because WOMEN. It is at once both patronizing and flattering.

I miss Isaiah Mustafa on a horse.

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a bizarre, malfunctioning robot that women find irresistible.

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