Oklahoma Witch Arrested for Meth Claims It Is Part of Her Religion

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Eye of newt is so yesterday, apparently. A woman who was arrested for meth claims it is her religious right to use the drug because she is a Wiccan.

Lori Potarf and her friend Richard Lee Henderson were pulled over last week by cops who spotted a broken tail light. When a search turned up meth (on both suspects), Potarf claimed police didn't have any right to arrest her because being a meth head is totally an important part of being a Wiccan. Via the Duncan Banner:

Both suspects had separate Crown Royal bags that contained drug paraphernalia on which there was methamphetamine residue, police said. Henderson didn't claim a religious right to his belongings, which included a metal spoon with white residue and two syringes containing a small amount of clear liquid, reports said.


Potarf told police she was a Wiccan and had a right to have the drugs. Yeah, that didn't work for her and they charged her with possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia anyway. My question is, why stop at claiming just the meth as part of your religious rights as a Wiccan? Go all the way and claim the broken tail light too! "You can't pull over for this, officer! Having two functioning lights in the back of my car is considered blasphemy in my religion! Are you suggesting I dishonor my gods and goddesses by going to the Auto Zone and defiling this symbol of my religious obedience? How dare you!"

Criminals: Go all the way when you commit to something like this. Trust me.

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Let's just get the obvious out of the way and say "this would've been more believable if she claimed she was simply a confused Methodist."