Okay, That's It Ladies: Time To Buy A Playstation 3

Men have some biological advantages over us: no periods, fewer reasons for needing toilet paper, the fact that baldness is so widespread that it has just become evolutionarily imperative that they develop identities apart from their looks... BUT. The idea that guys are just inherently better at processing certain sorts of information? (Ahem: how cars work?) It's all just shit they picked up playing videogames, according to a new study written up in the Economist. In the study, psychologists gave a series of aptitude tests to men and women, and the women performed particularly shitty at a game called "Odd Man Out," in which they were supposed to locate the thing that didn't belong in a particular situation. But then! The psychologists forced the women to play ten hours of Medal Of Honor: Pacific Assault.

And they all magically caught up to the boys' scores!

When the volunteers were tested again after five months, both the improvement and the lack of difference between the sexes remained. Though it is too early to be sure, it looks likely that the change in spatial acuity—and the abolition of any sex difference in that acuity—induced by playing "Medal of Honour" is permanent.


Whoah. And just checking out the Wikipedia entry for this thing we get the sense it might force us to develop another thing that our female friends always seem to lack: a sense of what's so appealing about wars. If only the psychologists could force the men to spend ten hours giving birth!

Nurture Strikes Back [Economist]

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