'OK!' Magazine And Britney Spears Give Us A Bad Case Of Blueballs

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With all the news of the Britney Spears/OK! Magazine photoshoot meltdown, you'd think the new issue of OK! would be awesome. But it's not. First of all: No pictures from the photo shoot! Did Britney buy them out? Are they coming next week? What is going on? The opening spread has a photo of Britney leaving the photo shoot — underpants visible, Red Bull in hand— but there are no images from the shoot. (The magazine claims to have taken four test shots.) Also, if an interview was initiated, there are no questions — and no answers — to be had. Again, are the magazine's editors holding back? Even if Britney just said, "OK, I'm ready to be interviewed," we want to know!


As for the story itself, it's detailed and elaborate. Britney showed up 45 minutes late; she "banished" everyone but the hair and makeup people from the set — and then even they were "banished." She wanted Janet Jackson's album 'Rhythm Nation' to be playing. The magazine was informed that the clothing selection "just wasn't sexy," so Britney's assistant Shannon Funk took over as stylist. Then the infamous chicken-grease-wiping event occurred, and Brit's $3,000 Yorkie pooped on a Zac Posen gown. (Our hero!)

OK! claims that Britney emerged from the bathroom "disoriented," and then, "out of the blue", stormed from the shoot. She also apparently took a few things with her — $14,796 worth of things! — including two $6,387 rings, a $281 Pucci headscarf (which we think she's wearing in the getaway pic), a $974 Vera Wang dress, a pair of $380 Lanvin heels, a $300 Mia Vita dress, and a $87 gold bangle. But honestly? Showing up late and acting cuckoo is sort of expected at this point. What we really wanted were quotes and pictures, and we got neither.

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BRITNEY SPEARS' controversial new interview with OK! magazine started 45 minutes late and ended with the pop star storming off after two hours with more than $15,000 (£7,500) of designer clothes and jewellery hired for the accompanying photo shoot.

Spears also damaged designer clothes, which included an Alisha Levine dress she left with grease stains after wiping the remnants of a fried chicken lunch on it.

Former WENN reporter Ryan Smith oversaw the trainwreck meeting with the fallen pop superstar on 19 July (07), which Spears set up herself in a bid to clear up rumours about her.

After a video shoot in downtown Los Angeles, Spears turned up 45 minutes late for her Hollywood Hills interview with assistant Shannon Funk, a bodyguard, three pals and new pet Yorkshire terrier London in tow.

Smith reports, "The hair and make-up people were ordered out so that Brit's friends could do the job, using the equipment brought in by the pros." Funk later took over as the pop star's stylist after complaining the designer outfits chosen by OK! weren't sexy enough.

After settling down for the interview in a pink Alisha Levine dress, Spears quickly opted to break for lunch - where she dined on fried chicken and used the dress to wipe her hands.

Spears then donned a Zac Posen gown for the photoshoot portion of the OK! session, but appeared "disorientated" and "erratic" after one of many toilet breaks with Funk.

After a brief photo session, the Toxic singer suddenly stormed off, taking the Vera Wang dress she had just changed into and a collection of jewellery and accessories.

Smith concludes his OK! report by stating, "We'd love to have our old Britney back. But what we experienced was a young girl who is in need of help." OK! editors chose not to use the photographs taken during the shoot for their article, instead just showing pictures of the troubled pop star arriving for the session and leaving, wearing items hired for the ill-fated interview.