Oh Yeah? Male Student Calls Wellesley Women "Bunch Of Whores"

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Proving that douche-y idiots are everywhere is Jeremy Pham, a male student at Wellesley College - alma mater of Hillary Clinton, among other notables - whose recent misogynistic outburst started a minor firestorm - and may have gotten Pham expelled.


You'd think an all women's college like Wellesley would be relatively free of this kind of asshat behavior, but the case of Jeremy Pham, a Dartmouth student in an exchange program at Wellesley, goes to prove that boys really can't handle single-sex schools, even if the sex is female (however, he certainly shows that you can learn valuable life lessons from opposite-sex peers, in this case, mostly about how not to act). A couple of weeks ago, he noticed a post on Wellesley FML (Fuck My Life, a message board for whining, basically) that read: "I'm the only guy of a campus of 2,300 girls but I'm still not getting any." Despite the fact that he is not the only guy at Wellesley, Pham assumed that the poster was impersonating him. On November 21st, he responded by posting an angry message on Wellesley's general discussion forum. In it's crap entirety, here is Pham's tirade:

I don't speak much, since I'm pretty reserved by nature and I'm never really around either (I'm always doing projects at the other school in Cambridge). But since Wellesley girls apparently insist on writing false posts under my name, as well as treating my friends that visit here like crap just because they're not 5'9 and don't possess the male-dominated social space of the MIT fratboy that's fucking the shit out of you nightly, I present to you...what normal, rational people think of you girls:

1) You are all a bunch of whores. No, seriously. The stereotype that Wellesley girls obsess over men is so true that it's not even funny. Go to a normal school like Dartmouth (where one of your girls won't leave after 4 terms because she wants to milk the place for all it's worth) and you'll see that nobody there obsesses to the degree that the people in the 5th percentile here do. Consequently, you all make poor decisions. Which is why people on the Internet laugh at you. Which is why people on the Internet will laugh at you even more when I make a reddit post detailing my experiences here.

2) You are all undeserving of the education and opportunities you have received. The sense of entitlement here is actually kind of incredible. Just to make sure it just wasn't me, my friend visiting right now notices it too. And he's much more outgoing, friendly, and chill than I am. But he's not 5'9, so sorry girls. But there are some insecure dudes littering the streets of Commonwealth for your amusement.

3) You are all too easy. Some of us refuse to participate in the orgy of sexual tension here because we want to be respected for who we are, not what we are. Of course, for others, it's as easy as dropping the MIT/Harvard moniker. I mean, what idiot thinks a meaningful relationship can develop out of a superficial encounter at a party? Seriously, WTF. At my school, there aren't that many relationships. But at least we're honest about the fact that most of us are just merely infatuated with the other party, and not actually "in love."

Do not make up shit under false pretenses. Do not treat my friends like shit. Do it one more time, and I will sue you. It's so funny that there's this Wellesley Community discussion group thing going on, but if you girls can't do something as trivial as leave me alone to do my own thing, you guys have no shot at forming a cohesive community. No fucking chance.

And I'll just sit back and enjoy the schadenfreude.

Aside from the misogynistic rage Pham has been harboring, he also displays a fundamental confusion as to whether Wellesley girls are "whores" or too picky. I suppose he means they are whores because they aren't interested in him - or his average-height friends. It's actually rather uninspired. Lacking anything better to criticize, he goes the "slut" route, which is always odd when the general complaint is that he feels neglected. And this is just one example of just how shockingly un-self-aware this guy is. Probably the funniest - read: crappiest - bit is when he speaks to the "sense of entitlement" at Wellesley, while bemoaning the fact that his "friend" didn't get any during his visit. While it's obvious what he feels entitled to (sex for him and his buddies) I'm not sure what Wellesley girls are supposed to be demanding. Perhaps the right to choose who to fuck? Those whores!

But the Pham-saga doesn't end here. Naturally, many Wellesley women were annoyed by Pham's message, which was posted on a board that can be viewed by both students and faculty. In a surprising moment of clarity, Pham thought it best he apologize. But even that didn't go so well:

Let me first begin by apologizing for my tone and perhaps the language that I used to address some of my own feelings as being one of the few, if not only, males on campus. It isn't easy for me to be accepted in the Wellesley community. Wellesley has been be a wonderful learning experience and many people here have been welcoming to me. At the same time, hearing "What are you doing here?" when walking through the halls and being judged solely based on my looks can be hard for me. I hope you can understand that.

The "apology," in which he continues to blame Wellesley women for being shallow bitches, goes on for quite some time. He vacillates between praising the intelligence of the student body, and whining about the horrible treatment that has made him so bitter. And then there is this:

A college community is the perfect place to learn from one another. I have learned that many people do care about community and how I as "a man" can fit into it. This was my original hope when I wrote my first post. I do care about this community and do want to learn different points of views about a multitude of topics. But to do this, we need to respect each other. I hope that we can equally show each other some kindness and respect.

I can only be a productive and positive member of this community if we work together. But it can be hard when I feel ostracized here.


He ends with a request that everyone comes together to "continue building community" and forget the whole I just called y'all a bunch of whores thing. Not a perfect apology, but not nearly as bad as what came next. The blog What Estrogen captured a screenshot of Pham's status, which went up shortly after the "apology" was posted to the message board. He must have forgotten that Wellesley students can view his Facebook, because he posted this:

alright so because someone wrote some false post about me on the intarw3b at wellesley, i wrote this post calling them all entitled whores and whatnot; clearly as a troll (and to some extent, you have to admit that that is true) on the open forum @ wellesley and there was a SHITSTORM of responses. while the whole community is out protesting and acting all butthurt, i'm just sitting around lol'ing.

you fuck with me, and i'll plant a dagger in your ass. simple as that.

How contrite. But, like any good Crap Emailer, Pham is nothing if not voluble. Later the same evening, he dumped this steaming pile of shit on the message board:

[I'm really sorry…]
...for ever coming here. And calling all of you whores. Clearly, some of you are still very upset about my Community post, but I have learned a lot about the difficulties that a woman faces every single day in America. It brings a tear to my eye (metaphorically) to know that some of you are very passionate about women's rights, but I feel that your energies are misdirected. Sure you will deal with me and eradicate me from this campus in style, but your problems will still be there. Your inability to get to the root of the issues that plague our world will still be there. While other guys give me fist pumps and brag about their conquests at this school, I must endure the brunt of your criticisms so that you may all be united under the banner of activism.

And it worked perfectly.

There are real instances of women here actually being alienated from the rest of the Wellesley community. There are real cases of rape and belligerent boyfriends. My hope was that you would all unite to chastise such an extremely contemptible figure so that these issues cannot be ignored. Because honestly, what's the difference between saying thoughts behind your backs, and posting them live? There is no intrinsic difference. And yet, the perception differs, and so I wanted to explore that today. My hope was that some of these alienated women on campus can venture out of their rooms and be embraced by a community that's trying to flame me relentlessly. If I had written something benign, only a few people would have acknowledged it, and that would have been that. Nothing like controversy to stir up the day.

While I was writing the apparently insufficient apology last night, the police officer came into my room to make sure that everything was okay. I chuckled and told him that everything was okay. He wanted to offer me protection from the perhaps inevitable fallout from my polemic. Later, he read my letter and told me that it was cool, and it was the best I could have done...

Also, controversies like this happen all the time. Given the knowledge that the ACLU has my back and that I'm protected by the First Amendment, and the fact that friends who were journalists at other schools attempted similar stunts (with surprising degrees of success that resulted from open dialogue), I figured that this could turn out to be pretty sweet. And just so you know, nothing will happen to me. So for those of you seeking administrative intervention, you are only wasting your time. And for those of you seeking media attention, by all means. But understand that it'll also mean that I get my facetime, and you just can't spin a 2300 gang up on a lone campus figure in any positive way, especially given that I was trolling (even then, you wouldn't need that requirement). Also just so you know, assault or throwing water at someone's face is not protected by the First Amendment (or any). Of course, the event was trivial enough as it was, but if things escalate...

And do any of you honestly believe that I hold these misogynistic views? Please. Get real here. I hold a degree from the best trolling school of all time. I was pissed that you guys used my identity though. And to be honest, this whole debacle IS kind of hilarious. Let's be honest here. It's pretty damn hilarious.


Take a minute to let that sink in. Pham was only calling a group of 2,300 women whores because he was hoping they would band together to stop rape. The only thing I find hilarious about this whole fiasco is that Pham actually thinks someone will believe his "I was just trolling" bravado and congratulate him for his bravery. Sex and the Ivy astutely compares Pham's sudden change of tune to a horrible plot twist, borrowed from the school of M. Night Shyamalan. A few hours later, he realizes that people actually read his Facebook status, and so he issues another "apology" for threatening to penetrate his haters with daggers (you can read it here; I'm getting sick of quoting this guy). This apology is somewhat better, although after all that he has already said, it's impossible to take it seriously. This is only reinforced by his Facebook update the following day:

Jeremy Pham thanks his friends and appreciates the outpouring of support from all people all across the nation. I have never been prouder to be a Dartmouth student. Thanks ACLU. Jeremy Pham also wonders just how the orgy of cattiness will proceed. Jeremy Pham also thanks Kerry and her friends for the death threats.


In case it wasn't already clear, calling a group of women catty whores is not exactly the best way to get them to sleep with you, or even to build some sort of activist "community." It may also have gotten him expelled from the exchange program. According to a tipster, Pham "is no longer at Wellesley," and was recently escorted out of his room. This has not been verified, but the Wellesley student reports that Pham could be facing possible suspension from Dartmouth for violating the honor code and "using obscene language that suggests sexual harassment."

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This curious trend of posting something offensive and blatantly stupid or illogical and then defending oneself by saying "but I'm just a troll!" completely baffles me. It's happened in the comments here a few times, and apparently it's not just one or two idiots, but rather a plausible defense in some people's eyes? In what universe does "I was pissing you off on purpose" excuse bad behavior? Is this the next step down the "get a sense of humor" road?

So many questions.