What's better than the first Monday back at work after Thanksgiving? Well, reader Caroline got this email today from her long-distance boyfriend Josh. And while it should be taken as a given that long-distance relationships can usually only be managed successfully by the type of people who, um, are good at "managing" things "successfully" — that would not, for the record, mean most of you folks! — it is pretty amazingly crap. Because while entering into an LDR usually relies on some denial or rejection of the Momentum Property of Romance that dictates that one party will become numbed by the constant false-starting, most people don't embark upon any sort of romance with a friend of eight years if they're not willing to discount the "momentum" factor just a bit. And yes, Caroline and Josh had been friends for eight years before, six months ago, they decided to try it out. She worried that his last relationship — with a physically abusive suicidal nutjob — would haunt him, but it seemed so natural! The sex was great. The phone calls were numerous. And the emails were usually funny and literate and invested with more in the way of actual thought and less in the way of emoticons.

sorry to have dropped off the radar for the last little while. Things have been busy, and I've been exploiting the trouble I got in a few weeks ago and it seems to be lingering.

Turkey day was nice. I did not make it to Mark's place. I went and had turkey with Nate and a couple who are mutual friends of ours. They made a fantastic dinner and were kind enough to share it with us. They didn't have any family nearby, so it was nice. Nate got good and drunk and I drove him home. It was great.


Then we spent the weekend shopping (odd???) but friday we went to the mall here in town (CRAZY) and then Satruday John and I went shopping up at the outlet mall in Edinburgh.

So it was a nice weekend.

figure I best throw this out there -
I have met someone. I finally worked up the courage to tell Nate - he was more than a little upset. It is just a casual thing, but I figured I had better tell him. My mom flipped her shit. Clearly I have an odd support system. ??? :)

I work with this girl and she's really nice, and according to Jonathan and his gf (my two really good friends here) she's normal and not crazy. That is definitely a nice thing (given my propensity for attracting crazy women). The part that seems to have everyone in an uproar is some of the "circumstancial" stuff that is going on. . .

Like what you ask? (or maybe you don't and if that is the case stop reading) :)

But she is technically still married. and she technically has two kids.

Yeah - that part had Nate laughing on the floor and the crying a little bit :)

it isn't like I'm meeting the kids, and it is not an affair, hell... the husband knows about the situation. They are officially separated.


Oh well... Leave it to me to dive in head-first into a mess :)

I hope all is well for you - hard to believe that I am going to go to Canada in 2 weekends ???


Alright, I gotta jet doll,
I'll talk to you later ok?


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