Oh, Wait, Hamilton Producers Do Welcome White Actors at Auditions

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It was reported earlier Wednesday, that producers of Hamilton were in hot water for putting out a casting notice that asked for “non-white” actors only to apply. The water was white tears set on the high heat of privilege.


At first, Hamilton defended their casting notice against the controversy, contesting the accusations from human rights lawyer Randolph McLaughlin, of the Newman Ferrara Law Firm. He’s says the language is discriminatory, producer Jeffrey Seller said, “I stand by it and believe it to be legal.”

Seller will have to sit down. A spokeswoman for Actors’ Equity, Maria Somma, cleared things right up. Somma gave a statement saying that the ad was not in compliance with the union’s requirements or language standards. A publicist for Hamilton sent Fortune the following statement on the matter:

“The producers of Hamilton regret the confusion that’s arisen from the recent posting of an open call casting notice for the show. It is essential to the storytelling of Hamilton that the principal roles—which were written for non-white characters (excepting King George)—be performed by non-white actors. This adheres to the accepted practice that certain characteristics in certain roles constitute a ‘bona fide occupational qualification’ that is legal. This also follows in the tradition of many shows that call for race, ethnicity or age specific casting, whether it’s The Color Purple or Porgy & Bess, or Matilda. The casting will be amended to also include language we neglected to add, that is, we welcome people of all ethnicities to audition for Hamilton.”

Yes, come one, come all, and have your moment trying to steal back the spotlight.

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