Oh, Snap: Miss Gay Brazil & The Wig-Snatching Incident

This clip is in Portuguese, but the slo-mo wig snatch and subsequent kerfuffle need no translation. [Buzzfeed]


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Michael K on dlisted made me pee a little with his discussion of this:

"This hot bitch is making wig snatching look like an Olympic Sport. I just want a grab a big piece of paper, draw a giant 10 on it and hold it up! This is pure poetry in motion. That wig snatching tranny proved that she was the real queen with her perfect form and magnificent cuntface.

So every queen in Brazil needs to watch out. Whenever you see Miss Wig Snatcher 2009 (and beyond) stomping by, hold your shit down with both hands. THE ONE: She isn't it!"

Hold your shit. down.

Kills me.