Oh No! Teen Vogue Starvation-Positive Message Boards Down Day Before Thanksgiving!

Earlier today, we noticed the anorex-positive Teen Vogue message boards were mysteriously disabled, so Jessica called up the company to see what the problem was. "Technical difficulties," she was told, and commenters, praise Christ, have commenced weighing in — see what we did there?? — on such questions as "Are My Thighs Huge?" (Answer: NO.) But that was a close call... and what timing, guys! It's Thanksgiving! Where would your audience turn for thinspiration if not to your trusty website? Oh right.


Your magazine:


Hey, check out that chick modeling resort wear on page 202 of the December/January issue! You can totally play the "arm? or leg?" game with her limbs! And just so you know, the coat is Chloe and they don't give you the price, but you can get the Missoni bikini bottoms for the low low price of "about $390." Whatevs, at least you won't be spending money eating!

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