Oh my. Today the Daily Mail wrote about an end-of-term party held by school kids in the North Lancashire village of Wray that turned into a "drunken orgy." According to the Mail "a large number of 14-year-old girls had drunken under-age sex at the party." Subsequently, school administrators at the Queen Elizabeth school have helped some of these girls get the morning after pill. Deputy headmistress Alison Hughes told the paper, "A lot of the children that came to us needed sexual healthcare. These are children we need to protect. Children that approached us to say it had gone on and said it was a very upsetting experience. We have had to help a lot of girls though the aftermath of having unprotected sex that evening - most of whom have told us they were too drunk to be in control of themselves. Thankfully there is a great deal of trust between ourselves and the children so they felt they could talk to us." [Daily Mail]

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Does anyone know (any English Jezzies here?) what type of 'health class' system they have over there?