Oh my god, you guys! Mindy Kaling, who plays my fave character on the Office, the totally awesome Kelly Kapoor, has her own blog called Things I've Bought that I Love! She talks about the funniest shit, like being "so into 'the New Volume'. Airy patterned dresses with a cool shapeless shape that girls loved and guys were like 'Why the fuck are you wearing that pillowcase?'." Mindy totally sounds just like Kelly in real life, which is kind of the funnest way to write ever as some other lady at Slate already discovered. Reading about the new volume and also how washing your face with a hot washcloth is kind of "disgusting and raccoon-like," is like, our new favorite hobby. We totally want to hang out with Mindy/Kelly and go shopping for pillowcase frocks and coo at small dogs.

[Things I've Bought that I Love]