Oh, Mandie...

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Something very interesting in the Page Six Magazine profile of Mandie Erickson was pointed out to us. In discussing her glamorous childhood — for most of which it seems her mother was unable to get a sitter — Mandie said, "My mom took me everywhere. I'd fall asleep backstage at Galliano fashion shows back in the day. She'd take me with her to Studio 54—I was sleeping in Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager's office. I was 2." Observant commenter Pinkplatinum notes that Galliano hasn't been around that long. In fact, he's only 14 years older than Mandie! After graduating from design school in 1984, he was a modest success in his native UK, and didn't really have an international reputation until the early '90s in Paris, when Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell walked in a show for him as a friendly favor, instead of for cash. That would mean Mandie would have been falling asleep backstage at his shows in her early teens, which, if true, is actually just plain rude.




Okay, so the more I hear about her/from her, the more I just feel sorry for the bitch. I mean, she's a total cunt, but obviously she's got some serious self-esteem issues and probably worse.

If I had a gimpy, shriveled hand i'd show it off to make people uncomfortable. She should just embrace her disfigured paw and get over it.