Oh, Look What Awesome Thing Todd Akin Did Today

Todd Akin released a new campaign ad today featuring a rape survivor saying she had an abortion. Now, I'm confused. If women's bodies have ways of shutting that down, why did she have to have an abortion? WHO IS LYING HERE? Or was she raped and separately had an abortion? I'm just really confused, can anyone clarify this whole thing for me?

And could these ads be creepier or more stilted? They kinda remind me of the people who say, "I can't be racist, I have a black friend!" The whole thing just gives me the shivers and I feel like it's unfair to release an ad like this after Halloween! I thought I was done with the ghosts and the goblins, and now I'll never sleep again. Thanks for nothing, AKIN.


[Update: It's hell of the Day of the Dead, isn't it? OK, now I'm SUPER creeped out.]

[via Politico]