I've never really known what to make of Cosmo's bedroom blog. It's written by someone called Jessica Hulett - online and in the mag - and is a 'fictional' account of someone called K's attempts to get laid. Or married. Whatever. There doesn't appear to be an awful lot of sex going on, and the current storyline is that:

"Last month, K. found out what a drag it is to date a workaholic because Suburbs Guy kept blowing her off. To take her mind off things, K's best friend Sarah, invited her out to meet the ridiculously H-O-T star of an indie movie... and K. was more than happy for the distraction. Will Suburbs Guy ever get it together? Can K. successfully schmooze with the rich and almost famous?"


Can I take a shotgun and blow my own head off here? I thought we'd done Bridget Jones to death. At least you got a bit of anal action with Bridget. Something tells me that K's rump will remain eternally unpunctured. I bet she uses vaginal deoderant and is entirely hairless below the eyebrows, too.

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