Welcome to Titanic Thursday. It is what it sounds like—a day to talk about the 1997 Academy Award-winning film Titanic.

The most memorable moments in the 1997 Academy Award-winning film Titanic are the following, in ascending order: Rose smoking that long cigarette; the boat sinking; Jack and Rose’s sex scene in that rainforest-level damp car.


That car fucking scene has stayed with me for the past two decades, subliminally informing all of my sexual encounters to be breathier, wetter, and involve some kind of British taxi cab-inspired foreplay. But there’s something that irked me then and still irks me today: that famous condensation hand swipe couldn’t physically have happened the way James Cameron wants us to think it happened.

So, they’re sitting in the back seat of the car making out, poised to lie down horizontally with Kate on the bottom and Jack on the top, heads facing the driver’s seat.

Then, we cut away (time lapse is possible) and then pan onto the car from behind. Then, hand swipe.


In my view, and not only my view, the hand could not have swiped that rear window with that angle and that level of flushness if they are lying Rose bottom-Jack top. I think the only way to get that is to be literally on the floor of the vehicle, which doesn’t seem right since you can see a little shadow of a head in that gif.

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