This video of an adorable puppy drinking from his bottle should probably come with some sort of cute overload warning.

This video comes from the people at Wayside Waifs, who have two main purposes—rescuing homeless animals and making me smack myself on the head for not choosing a career that involves puppy bottle feeding. "Having lost their mom at only two weeks old, this litter of 10 puppies came to Wayside Waifs. Hungry, sick and cold, our staff vaccinated them, wrapped them in blankets and gave them their first Wayside bottle."

Now, let us all recap the range of emotions this video gave us, or in more technical terms, HERE ARE ALL THE FEELS:

"My ovaries!!!"

"Dead. I am dead!"


"Team Dog forever!"

"The noises. The little noises!"

And so on and so on. It's Team Bottle Feeding Puppy for me from now on, y'all.