Coming soon to grocery stores and the kitchens of impulsive stoners near you: Girl Scout cookie baking mixes made by Pillsbury. Oh, God, it’s like I’m remembering a bellyache that hasn’t even happened yet.

That’s via Refinery 29. They’ve got cupcakes in Thin Mint in “Caramel and Coconut” flavor, plus brownie and blondie varieties.

“We are very pleased about our licensing relationship with Girl Scouts of the USA, as our brands share a similar personality of happiness and fun—a common characteristic of bringing people together,” said J.M. Smucker Company VP Maribeth Burns with, apparently, a completely straight face.

People: This completely defeats the purpose of Girl Scout cookies. The point of Girl Scout cookies is that you can only get them once a year, and either you buy enough to tide you over until the next time, or you must wait patiently. For shame!


Images via Pillsbury.