Oh Dear, Laura Prepon May Be Tom Cruise's New Scientology Girlfriend

Fear not Elisabeth Moss fans! Tom Cruise is actually canoodling with Orange Is the New Black's Laura Prepon, who was rumored to be his girlfriend since way back in November.

Both actors' reps denied that anything was going on after being spotted having dinner together last year, but now Page Six reports that they are indeed together (according to the tabloid's mysterious source), just keeping everything secret.


Laura Prepon is also a scientologist, and has apparently hung out with Cruise, John Travolta and other celebrities in Xenu's inner sanctum for years. Cruise became attracted to her after becoming a fan of Orange Is the New Black (relatable!).

Of course, Cruise's publicist is back to ruin our fun. Telling the Daily Mail that his client has never even met Prepon (though no word on whether he has seen and/or enjoyed OITNB). Methinks that Tom Cruise's rep doth protest too much?

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