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Oh, Christ.

Illustration for article titled Oh, Christ.

A man in Florida has been arrested for allegedly hitting his teenage daughter because she refused to pray. Apparently the 18-year-old returned fire by punching the father in the face. Meanwhile, his 16-year-old daughter, while attempting to hold her father back from fighting with her sister, was "accidentally" bitten on the finger by the father when her hands were on his face. For the love of God. Come on, people. [UPI]


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This FL conversation reminds me of a 60 Minutes piece a few years back. Just found it online:

Florida: 'A Paradise Of Scandals'

Steve Kroft Talks To Columnist/Novelist Carl Hiaasen


Whether he's writing fiction or journalism, Carl Hiaasen's main character is always Florida, that axis of weirdness that gave us the sagas of Elian Gonzales, and dimpled "chads." It's also where developers build homes around gravel pits advertised as "lakefront property," and where marijuana falls out of the sky.

This is how Hiaasen describes Florida: "The Sunshine State is a paradise of scandals teeming with drifters, deadbeats, and misfits drawn here by some dark primordial calling like demented trout. And you'd be surprised how many of them decide to run for public office."