Oh Cate, we hardly knew ye...

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We love Cate Blanchett. There's the pretentious, but not pretentious-on-her spelling of her first name. There's her looks, which can go from hardened, almost masculine, Plain Jane to jaw-droppingly exquisite in the flash of a quick cut to black. There's her kinda ugly but you-know-he's-brilliant playwright husband, Andrew Upton, who seems gloriously proud - rather than resentful - of his wife. But mostly, it's Blanchett's talent and choices as an actress [eat that, Gwyneth] that have us believing she can do no wrong. (Bob Dylan! She's playing BOB DYLAN!!!)


So we were happy to pick up the latest issue of The New Yorker today and see that the magazine had devoted an entire 8 pages to our favorite Aussie.

How dismayed we were, however, when we then read an item in the New York Post reporting that last month, Cate of all people, whored herself out by accepting a flight on a private jet from New Orleans to Paris to attend the Armani couture show...and probably pocketed a tidy sum for her effort. All of a sudden, thsi quote from her New Yorker profile made a lot more sense:

"Celebrity is a byproduct. If that byproduct can be hardnessed to the company's name, fantastic."


Granted, Blanchett was talking about her work as an actress and its effect on the Sydney theater company she and her husband are working for, but still. Just tell us a GAP ad isn't next.

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