Rihanna's Instagram is so 2 months ago. Beyoncé's tumblr is so last week. Hot today? Katy Perry's Pinterest. In addition to pictures of candy and cupcakes and manicures made to look like cupcakes, Katy Perry encourages fans to pin their own KP-inspired pics: "We may use your board as part of the KP3D movie campaign!" Meaning your images will serve as free content and advertising for Katy Perry's 3-D movie. Cool!

Katy Perry also has a board for fireworks and a board for fans. Just another way in which stars are offering carefully curated versions of themselves directly to the public, so that you we no longer have to rely on elaborate puff pieces from ladymags, which always promise "the truth" or a glimpse at the "real" celeb, but instead deliver a quick profile (she ate a salad! she laughed heartily!) and heavily Photoshopped images. Plus, social media allows you to see stuff the magazines wouldn't bother including… Like that person who got Katy Perry's autograph tattooed above her breast.

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