Of Course the Magic Mike Sequel Will Be Called Magic Mike XXL

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Well lads and gentlewomen, the time has come. Details of the Magic Mike sequel have unofficially surfaced and there's some major news according to Indiewire. First off, VICTORY: Channing Tatum will definitely return to franchise. (Well it's a franchise now, isn't it? Fingers crossed, it will soon be complete with limited edition figurines, paperback expansions, and official installable pole-dancing poles for the gents. Maybe even a board game…more like a washboard game. Like washboard abs. Okay I'm done.)

Also, Greg Jacobs will take Steven Soderbergh's place as director, which is pretty fitting as Jacobs has been Soderbergh's first assistant director for a crapload of his movies.


But most exciting of all, the film will be entitled Magic Mike XXL. It's pretty perfect, although the cheesy alliteration fanatic in me was sort of hoping they'd go for Magic Mike: Magnum. Welp, filming won't start until fall, so they have time to come to their senses. You're welcome Warner Bros.

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I really hope Big Dick Richie gets a lot more screen time and a really tragic backstory.

Actually, can this just be an Alcide spin off movie where he goes undercover at a strip club for...wolfy reasons?